Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ling-Nam noodle house

Ling-Nam brought to mind for those who grew up in the Eighties in the Philippines as one of the quintessential Chinese noodle soup shops in the country.  It's roots in Binondo Manila, it have been long time purveyor of Chinese style Beef brisket noodles Lomi and Wonton noodles as opposed to Ma Mon Luk style noodles soup,or Mami as we call here.

The name alone brought back warm nostalgia of much simpler days. Children who grew up on that era would surely have found memories of enjoying their humble dishes of hearty noodles bath in warm tasty broth. Their own adventures of taking comfort with one these on rainy days, most especially after class.

Ling-Nam  is one of the first in the country to venture in pay-at-the-counter self-service fast food Chinese restaurant, that Chow King would later on dominate. Lin-Nam was moderately successful in this, but it was very successful in getting more people to be more aware of their kind of Chinese dishes that their Beef mami recipe would become standard in the country and influenced most of today's restaurants.

Ling-Nam restaurant is trying to make a comeback by setting itself up as not as fast-food style but the usually sit-down Chinese tea-houses.

The taste of their Beef-Wonton noodle soup is practically the same as I remember when I was a kid. Their Noodles are the thin crinkly kind, is always excellent. It firm but smooth to slurp, and it holds up the flavor of the soup very effectively. The broth is on the sweet and tangy kind with the beef sauce that is added to it. The dish is definitely refreshing with the strange rainy weather we're having right now.

My only gripe is that their wonton dumplings and Siomai seems to be stuck back in the 80's to much that it would not hold up to the more sophisticated  versions we have right now. The fillings are good, but the wrapper is thin and quite very easy in getting mushy. This is rather disappointing for a shop who's business is producing raw noodles and wonton wrappers for other shops.

They also serve standard Chinese fare like chicken, beef, fish, rice dishes and other entree'  besides Noodles, that other discerning costumers can try.

I usually go to their Greenhills branch which is close to my work and my home. It's been open there since 2006. It is a very convenient location and they're open up to late at night, so it's a good place to those who are looking for a good place to eat after long tiring day of shopping at the Tiangge in Greenhills shopping center.

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Ling-Nam restaurant
Greenhills shopping center, San Juan, Metro Manila

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