Friday, February 17, 2012

Ramen Bar - ramen restaurant

Ramen Bar in Eastwood mall Libis is one these new chic' looking place that tries to cater to the local populace with authentic Ramen experience.

I've eaten there a couple times and I must say they do serve a very decent bowl of Tonkotsu Ramen. When I first tried it is rather of flavorful and yet subtle in it's taste. More recently though their Shoyu ramen (it say shoyu flavor but it is more tonkotsu style) taste a little tepid and lacks character. The pork slices is tender and very tasty. They use too much of the green part of the leeks, giving it a little bitter taste that is rather too cumbersome.

The serving is slightly adequate, if you get my meaning, and the price is higher than average. Not that surprising for the location it is in. There is also a service charge that I should note, besides the menu price.

I also ordered a plate of their Fried Rice. It is good companion with the Ramen or their Gyoza, except they use too much garlic, making it more fitting for a Tapsilog companion than to a standalone Japanese meal of Chahan.

Ramen Bar is a very easy and comfortable place. The place is not that big so it could get crowded easily. It is is a cool place to have a good bowl and a cozy ambiance to sit to in a very convenient place to walk about, probably enough to make up for the price.

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Ramen Bar
Eastwood mall, Eastwood City, Barangay Libis Quezon City, Philippines.

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