Monday, April 9, 2012

Konbini Store - ramen shop and Japanese grocery

Konbini Store is an aptly named Japanese products grocery that is conveniently located  just a few minutes walk from Greenhills shopping center and much closer to other Japanese themed restaurants in Connecticut st.

As stated, the place is were one can buy essential Japanese food product. From instant ramen to real Wagyu beef, you can buy it here for any Japanese expats to local Japanophile who wanted some real cool products from the Land of the rising sun.

The store has in it's corner a dinning area that one can order delicious Japanese food. Their specialty is their Ramen and fried chicken. I haven't tried they're chicken yet, but it is very popular to most eaters that I'll it make a point to try them sometime.

I ordered there their Chasu tonkatsu ramen and gyoza combo. For a grocery they do serve a very decent ramen. The noodles, straight thin variety, are not in-house made but are fresh and has good chewy texture with a right neutral taste.

It goes really well the Tonkatsu soup broth. The broth itself has that clean but tasty flavor that is ideal for that pork based soup. It has the right thickness but never being too heavy or fatty on the mouth, nor is it heavily seasoned or salty. The combination makes a very refreshing noodle soup that ones yearn on a rainy cold night.

My toppings consist of extra pork chasu that are thinly sliced lean cuts of pork. The hard-boiled egg is rightly half-cooked, though not stewed. The use of light green leeks and roasted sesame accent the dish quite well.

The shops gyoza are quite good and are freshly cooked. To local shoppers will find the products on display as being quite pricey for  even for imported items, but the price for the food being served in the store's restaurant is quite reasonable and and of very good authentic quality.

I quite recommend this store to any ramen enthusiast or to those who definitely want to have that little Japanese experience without leaving the county.

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Konbini store - ramen shop
Connecticut St, San Juan, Philippines

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