Monday, November 12, 2012

Menya Genki ramen

Menya Genki ramen is one of those places that you have to purposely go into try their menu.

Along Diosdado Macapagal Blvd., it's quite hidden by billboards and such, that you tend to not notice the shop if your cruising by the high-way

As you can see in the menu this is a Ramen specific kind of restaurant. You come here to order Ramen and just ramen, no sushi, thank you.

A rather Unimpressive looking bowl to say the least, but it a has the necessary requirements for a good bowl and a slight air of authenticity in it.

The soup is rather tepid but has indeed that substantial tonkatsu flavor that we're expecting. The Chasu pork is tender and juicy and has a delightful mild flavor.

The noodle is the thin and straight variety that is cooked just right. It absorbs the soup in it perfectly and is perfect to each other.

The toppings are boiled stewed eggs, slightly mushy raw, which is quite good. Some onion greens and black fungi and nori. Simple but direct in it's presentation.

There is a Bikkuri ramen challenge that they have. For 1000 pesos you can try one large order of their special ramen. Finish it in less than 20 mins and you get your picture up in their wall of fame. I think the record to beat is 14 minutes.

I might try it someday, if my tummy allows me to.

Genki ramen is in the same row of shops that has another Ramen shop that is more visible. but from the look of it, the other shop seems to be more into selling local sea food and beer than real ramen, I've yet to confirm my suspicions on it.

Menya Genki ramen in a larger map

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