Saturday, August 11, 2012

Kenji Tei - ramen house

Kenji Tei ramen house is one of those new hip place that caters to the burgeoning interest for some real Japanese ramen. Located at the 3rd floor of Greenbelt 5 it is conveniently placed to sate the appetite of businessmen, shoppers and tourists that goes around at the country's premier shopping district and business center.

 I ordered their Miso w/ Chasu ramen since it's been recommended by the friendly staff . The soup is rich and very tasty. You can really taste the miso in. I've also tried their regular Shoyu style ramen to get a better feel for their plain broth and I must say it has the right clean flavour that is hallmark for a good ramen. Adding and cooking the broth with miso really enhance it even more, giving it hearty and fuller body. Really great for these wet season we're experiencing these days.

The topping consist of, besides the standard miso stewed ground pork with leeks and onions, are a hard boiled egg, green spinach and 2 slices of thin braised pork belly, very tasty, but to those who find it quite short, you can order an extra order of chasu, like I did. You may also order extra noodles for a small price.

My complaint is that they tend to overcook the noodles. Still firm and chewy it is, but I prefer my noodles with a little bite. It's a pity though their noodles tastes really good. Better tell your waiter to instruct the cook you want them hard if you're like me.

I also find the wooden spoon that come along with your bowl rather ridiculous and impractical in savoring the delicious soup. Go ask a ceramic or a metal spoon. Kids might find it fun though.

The place itself is pleasant and convenient. The arrangement of tables and seats plus their utilitarian but comfortable wood designs makes it an ideal setting to focus on one's ramen eating pleasure. Being in the prime location of Greenbelt one expect to be a little pricey, but compared to the other restaurants within the area, it is very reasonably priced and very filling and very good eats.

The next time you're on the area, I definitely recommend you try going for some joyful ramen  with your friends.


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