Monday, April 8, 2013

Ikkoryu Fukuoka ramen

A new ramen shop has opened just a few weeks ago at the new wing of Shangri-la shopping center at Edsa/Shaw crossing.

I happened upon it's initial opening day as I was checking out the new wing. I've eaten already on that day, but I surely made a point on checking their ramen.

They have a very decent ramen bowl. Like most new ramen shops that open these days they go for the rich pork broth kind. Such creamy rich pork soup that are derived from constantly boiling loads of pork bones have been the style found in Fukuoka. From other ramen blogs, it seems to be the preferred taste in Japan these days.

As I stated this shops ramen is sure very decent. It definitely satisfy  any one's ramen crave. The soup is milky and sweet with a clean taste. The toasted garlic and oil blends really well with it without giving any strong garlicky taste as most other soup tends to have.

The noodle are straight and thin. Picks the soup with it to every slurp. Very delicious and filling.

It's topped with some simple Chasu pork that are tender but nothing to write about, and hard-boiled eggs, the yolk is slightly over cooked than it should be but it's still ok.

Now the bad side. The pickled bamboo shots they used gives a rather unpleasant smell, that most costumers will notice. I pointed this out to the floor Manager, he said to me that it is problem and that they're still looking for a new supplier of pickled bamboo shoots. It's such a pity if they remove it from the bowl since I like Menma with my Tonkotsu bowl.

The Gyoza they had are pathetic and really sorry looking. It sure needs some Atlas work-out to get some meat into it. For now I'll just call it the Mac of gyoza, it's almost paper thin and ready to be blown away.

I find the interior decor rather interesting. The wooden panelings they had as dividers with some brush Kanji written on them kinda invoke some Japanese temple images that one see in their horror/supernatural movies or like an old-fashion wooden jail cells. I guess they're trying to emulate giant strands of noodles all over the place and the Kanji are like some secret family recipe written on those bamboo scrolls in the olden time. maybe.

I'll come back to it sometime just to see if they improve on their dish, here's hoping that they get better on their main menu and on their side dish.

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