Friday, May 17, 2013

Mitsuyado sei-men - Tsukemen Ramen

Mitsuyado sei-men in Makati city have been open for quite while, this Japanese style theme restaurant have been a mainstay favorite in a lot culinary article in magazines and newspapers.

They specialize in thick tsukemen style Ramen, or dipping style noodles.

 Check out some the these theme decor, trying to replicate some semblance of an era long since gone in Japan

It's like a very small section of Ramen museum in  Yokohama.

Love that thick chewy noodles that they serve, whether it's hot or cold. The hearty but mildly flavoured dipping sauce goes well with it.

The Beni-shoga that they use tend to be too sour and lacks the right balance of salty/sweetness to it. Taste like those one get's cheaply at your local Yoshinoya. Wish that they get a better supplier or better yet the serving should come a slice of a good lemon. That might give better fresh astringent taste to the dish.

If your gonna dine here I would suggest that you should stick to the Tsuke-men dipping noodles. Their bowl of ramen noodle soup are quite disappointing. Not that they're bad per se, it's just when taken in it's entirety is rather bland and quite lacking in punch from other Ramen. I notice quite more than a few costumers only eating it half-way.

The noodles are excellent of course, as I numerously tried it as a Tsuki-men, but mixed in with the pork soup that taste suspiciously like the diluted version of the dipping sauce, the marriage is disappointing. I would prefer just taking the noodles plainly without the starchy tasteless broth.The pork slices are nothing to write about either.

Again just stick to the Tsuki-men dipping noodles. You'll love it.

They have a very conventional but tasty Gyoza. They should try what's fashionable nowadays, lessen the filling but make the skirt and underside of the wrapper a lot crispier while the other side is moist and chewy.

Make sure you come in very very early, 'cause it always get very crowded during peak hours. I suggest dining in during lean hours like late lunch or a very late supper time, and remember always try it with a nice Aji-tama or half-boiled eggs.

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