Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Kichitora Tokyo ramen

Located at the 2nd floor Atrium between building A and B, and right in front of Pork Katsu restaurant Yabu is Kichitora Tokyo ramen.

I read from menu that Kichitora is franchise from a Shibuya restaurant that is highly regarded. I'm not familiar with their main store so I'll just take it by face value.

I tried their Paitan Ramen Zabu no Se, said to be their specialty. I also tried their Chicken based ramen since Chicken must be their ramen theme judging from their name.

The ramen is topped by slightly hard boiled egg and lots of chopped spring onions. Fine Menma bamboo shoots  and Nori leaf for decor.
The soup is good. Light in flavour but full bodied with the Pork and Chicken stock. There's powdered sesame seed and dark sesame oil on it  as extra pep to the stock.

I like the excellent thin and shiny noodles. It has a good bite and goes well with the soup.
The 2 Chasu slices on top are good. It's been nicely grilled to let out it's taste better. 

I like their ramen. I find it really satisfying despite it's high price, It's all worth it. I've a mind to go back there again.

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