Saturday, May 12, 2012

Jipan's - curry rice

 Jipan's bread store is one of the first store here in the country that sells totally organic breads and cakes for decades.
It is also famous for serving various authentic Japanese dishes like ramen and donburi food.

When they first opened their Megamall outlet, which is right besides the main Asian Development Bank in Mandaluyong city, they've been catering to the banks many Japanese executives during lunch time. Their most popular item is their beef curry rice.

Their curry rice is probably my favorite. the quintessential Indian dish by way of Japan is quite popular comfort food for many Japanese and it is something that we Filipino's might find rather familiar. One could say that Jipan's curry rice is like thick sauced version of our beef Caldereta. This is quite evident with shops cut of meat which tend to be chunkier than most Japanese curry rice, but is still tender with a good bite. The sauce is the just the right spiciness and the proper savory flavor without being too masked by the use of spices.
You only need a spoon to eat this stew which is laden in a heart bed of rice. It also come with a side salad of shredded cabbage and corn. I would recommend you try the curry rice with a spoonful of the salad's mayo dressing. Gives it a good creaminess to the dish.

The place at Megamall had just been renovated. It is more like a casual Cafe than fine dinning. It may not look like it, but here you can savor authentic popular Japanese home cook meals in the country that any Japanese salaryman would recognize.

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